Microsoft was excited at the last Build Developer conference in May that it was rethinking the Windows 10 Command Line tool and wanted to redesign it. Today, two months later, we started seeing the new Windows Terminal Control Utility, an early version Preview has appeared on the Microsoft Store.

The new Windows Terminal application offers an updated interface with support for Custom Themes, as well as support for more than one tab at a time when many customization tools are available. Also, because the script is at the heart of any program, The program also supports Emojis and fonts.

Does Windows Terminal replace the normal Command Prompt?
Microsoft has hinted at the Build conference that it is considering replacing the Windows 10 Command Prompt with its new Windows Terminal, but this will obviously not happen soon. Microsoft will keep Command Prompt as a virtual tool. From this detail, we can conclude that Windows Terminal is not ready yet even after the full version is released.

Microsoft said by describing the application on its store that this application is only a simple display version does not contain all the techniques or tools that will come in the final version. For Windows, the Windows Terminal application is now being developed as an open source project, and interested users can follow the progress of its development through the GitHub platform, which Microsoft has purchased over a period of time. Programmers can also participate in the development themselves. What do you think of this?

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