Apple Smart Watches will have the ability to remove pre-installed applications with the updated WatchOS 6 in September.

Pre-installed applications are the worst for smart device users on both Android and iOS. Since the launch of Apple’s smart watches known as Apple Watch, the clock is already available with many pre-installed applications such as App Store, Cycle Tracking, Noise, Audiobooks, Voice Memos and others, which may not be much needed.

Allows removal of pre-installed applications in the watchOS 6 system

We disagree or agree on the importance of these applications. We agree that not all users need them, so many of them do not know of them except because they have a large amount of internal smart clock capacity, which is basically small, To get more apps they might already use.

Recently, TechCrunch reports that Apple is working to resolve this issue later this year with the launch of the sixth generation of the system called WatchOS 6.

So far, most users can do is remove third-party applications that they install themselves by pressing the application icon and pressing the x button to remove it. For the rest of the applications that come with the smart clock, Remove them first from your phone, and then it will disappear from the clock, which may not be welcome because you may want to use this application on your phone without being in your watch.

But; Unfortunately, it will not be possible to remove key applications in the system, such as the Messages and Heart Rate applications, for which the smart clock was created, which will not necessarily affect its internal experience or capacity because it is the most common application for music players.

This action is expected to provide plenty of space for Apple Watch hours after the launch of WatchOS 6, expected to be available in September, and a new app store similar to the iOS app store will be available later.

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