With its proven aerodynamic power, Thermalright is entering for the first time a market full of fierce competition, the AIO water market with the new Turbo Right series, which will be the first to offer in water cooling solutions. It has long been known for its huge and powerful aerodynamics since 2001.

The new series bears the name Turbo Right and is different from many AIO water dispersors. It uses a radiator made entirely of high quality copper both for radiator fins that are made of copper and the same inside the radiator’s water pipe made of copper. This radiator also comes with a special opening to cool the refrigerant if needed with a 100ml dilution cooling facility. The water pump connected with the copper water block is equipped with RGB lighting.

The Turbo Right Series is currently in the first two versions of the Turbo Right 240C and is equipped with a 240mm x 120mm barometer while the Turbo Right 360C has a 360mm x 120mm tape. The cooling fans attached to these water dispersors come with either three fans or two fans depending on the version. They operate through a 4pin PWM power outlet with a rotation speed of 600 to 1800 rpm and allow for an air pump of up to 77.28CFM. With noise up to 25 dB. Dispersants are compatible with various kinds of modern sukets to include from the Intel 775 / 115X / 1366/2011 / -3 / 2066 and the AMD AM4 Sukette. There is no information on prices yet.

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