The currency of bitcoin has risen to $ 11.000 per currency and the currency has maintained its value for several hours and has been slow to date, as it now maintains a price of $ 10.700 per currency, according to the Coindesk website. The digital currency trade reached US $ 193.6 billion after this surge in the price of the bitcoin.

If you do not know why it is important or why we are talking about it, I would like to tell you about the value of the currency of the homeowner was only US $ 7.600 less than two weeks ago, so this increase in the price is very important, and also alerts us that encrypted digital currencies in general change rapidly According to the circumstances surrounding its acquisition, Bitcoin’s currency has benefited indirectly from Facebook’s Libra. There is no direct correlation between the two currencies, but the world has been interested in digital currencies as soon as Facebook is concerned. Even ordinary users.

The price of the Bitcoin currency rises after the Libra currency announcement
Libra, which Facebook has announced, is very different from the Bitcoin currency. This is because the Libra currency is a stable currency that is not much affected by what happens around it because it is protected by long-term or short-term assets such as government bonds and bank deposits. Because the goal of Facebook in particular and the goal of the Foundation Libra Association is to provide a virtual currency encrypted supporting Blockchain and also compete with real currencies such as the US dollar and the pound through which.

The currency of Bitcoin is quite different. The currency is literally not tied to any assets and its value is based entirely on the amount that the users actually intend to pay for it so the value of the currency of the homeowners easily and quickly from time to time and the evidence that the value of the currency has increased up to $ 3,000 USD In the past few days, the Bitcoin coin has also been marked as mining as we all know. Simply and easily, buying a Libra is simply replacing your traditional currency with another almost static electronic currency. Buying a Bitcoin coin is like investing in stocks for an additional profit as it has risen in the past days.

What is Libra’s currency and how will it affect the economy?
As mentioned earlier, the Libra currency may drive hundreds of people to be more interested in the cryptocurrencies, especially millions of companies that deal with Facebook as an advertising platform. They will be able to pay using Libra instead of conventional money. This is also a response to all other electronic currencies. Including Bitcoin, Etherium and other e-currencies that will benefit from increased user awareness in e-currencies. Also, on the other hand, the value of the Bitcoin coin, which is $ 11.000, is a wonderful value, but it does not return Bitcoin to its glory as it was once valued at $ 20,000, which is precisely in 2017.

Libra is an electronic currency coming strongly because it is protected by long-term fixed assets or its shortness. This is what we have already mentioned. It will also include large companies from the established organization Libra Association which will be located in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, every company that joins the Libra organization must pay at least US $ 10 million in order to contribute to operations and currency protection. Also, and most importantly, the Libra currency comes specifically to replace credit card payments due to You deduct from expenses when you pay, and on k In spite of Facebook’s bad reputation, Libra has a promising future.

We are all excited to launch Libra in 2020 and then you will have companies other than these companies, and their assets will be stronger, but now it’s your turn to share in the comments whether you are using encrypted currencies or not. ..

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