Learn about the difference between open-back headphones and closed-back headphones so you do not be fooled when you buy either!

If you ever decide to go buy a headset from a speaker and audio store, the first question you might want to ask after a budget is the type of headset, whether it’s a back-to-back or back-closed headset.

You might be surprised at this question at first. All you want is to get a good quality headset and an acceptable cost for you, but it seems to you that this question is very important.

The difference between the speakers is open back and closed
For many, you may not notice in the short term the difference between the headphones are open back and closed back, but in fact, the difference between them is great and may only be felt by longer listening to the music routine daily for them.

In this article, we will review together the differences, features and disadvantages of both closed-head and open-head headphones, following the following lines.

Open Back Headphone

We start together with back-to-back speakers, simply headphones with a back-covered mesh with a large number of holes, a type that is not very common in non-specialist stores.

The most important feature of an open back headset is how the music reaches your ears as it looks as if it is coming to your ears via stereo headphones and not just headphones worn on your head.

In this way, the music in your ears becomes more realistic, because of the way the sound waves come in and out of the speaker, reversing what we find in the speakers behind the back. This reduces the air pressure and makes the sound clearer.

For comfort in terms of long-term use, the head-open headphones ensure that you have a permanent ventilation while wearing it, which prevents you from sweating, but it is flawed and impaled by the inability to completely isolate the sound around you, which means you will be safe when you go to the roads To observe and hear all the cars, vehicles and people around you, and in contrast do not provide a better listening experience in noisy indoor.

This air feature also has a negative point when worn in the winter to try to warm your ears as it is not valid in this case, and the presence of those holes in the earpiece allows the sound to get out of it, which may cause the hearing of those beside you what you hear, Two bad edges, the first is your lack of privacy, and the second is the annoyance of those around you if you love listening to loud music.

So, we are in front of a headset that gives acceptable quality, but is not suitable for indoor noisy use, on the other hand it is suitable for use while passing the road, and it is well suited for those who sweat too much, will allow air to prevent sweating and heat rise.

Closed Back Headphones

On the other hand we see the headphones closed back, which are the most common headphones compared to the previous type, these speakers are characterized by high noise isolation in noisy places and closed because of not allow the passage of sound waves to the outside or inside, which affects the negative when used in roads and outside places because of not hearing Any sounds that may cause accidents. The second advantage is their ability to provide a very good listening experience for sound levels, which also affect the sound if the volume is very high, it will affect negatively on the ear and The one who may be up to the great sense of pain.

For long-term use, it is unlike the back-open earphones, which cause the accumulation of sweat on the ear, which may cause a bad odor.

They are the perfect choice for listening to music when you’re in the vehicle without driving it. It’s all about you. It provides a very good listening experience. Because of the cushions inside it that make it sweat in the summer, it’s a good way to keep your ears warm. Winter. As for how you feel about the source of music, you feel it is coming from your ears, not from outside.

A third kind of speaker is the kind that mixes the speakers with the back closed and the back open, but the least common among the other two, a type that simply tries to blend the features of each type into your reach.

This is what you need to know now to be able to choose and buy what suits you. Do not forget to visit the Arab Hardware website and the Artech channel to learn more about audio devices and electronic devices. Both.

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