Today, Team Group launched one of the most famous companies in the field of memory and storage technologies for the launch of its latest SSD, the internal opportunities CARDEA II M.2 SSD, which comes under the brand T-FORCE rich definition and also as the name M The beloved.

The internal disk T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 SSD will come with the third-generation PCIe x4, which has a great speed compared to previous generations and will provide advanced cooling technologies that allow him to endure the play and use for long hours, while the second disk is PD400 Portable SSD is an external disk It will come with a USB 3.1 connection and will come with a relatively light weight. It also has three very important features: it is pressure resistant, shock resistant and water resistant.

Specifications of CARDEA II and PD400 from Team Group

• Team Group T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 SSD specification

The two new discs, as shown from the above image, will come with very distinctive exterior designs, and, most importantly, will offer excellent performance in terms of durability and speeds. For CARDEA II, it comes with a new patented Fining Gaming model obtained by Team Group in Taiwan with the M541645. This new technology, which has been subjected to hundreds of heat tests, will help to reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees in indoor and 30 degrees in open spaces, too, and in the event that the heat is inevitably high this disc also comes with technical improvements that make data transfer speed not affected by high temperature.

The CARDEA II will serve the PCIe Gen3 interface as mentioned above and also supports NVME 1.3, which is one of the versions, so the numbers that come to us in this disk in terms of reading and writing are very distinctive, as the disk will provide 3400 Mbps in reading and 3000 Mbps In terms of writing, which will accelerate the process of booting of the operating system and the time of loading games and applications process fast and chain, while random reading and writing comes at speeds of 180K and 160K IOPS, respectively.

• Team Group PD400 SSD External Disk Specification

This disk is only the size of the hand grip, and the difference between the disk and the previous talk about it is that the disk is a portable external, that is a suitable option for the backup of your important files or even to fill it with movies and series and watch directly through it because the SSD disk first and finally will be read speed and write speed Data is very suitable, the Team Group PD400 Portable SSD disk comes in blue and is a very distinctive color as you can see from the next image.

The most important thing to make this disk a perfect option to save files and make backups is that it comes with three key features in the protection of storage disks are resistance to pressure, resistance to shock and fall and also water resistance and it will come only 60 grams, so the process will be simple and easy. This disk comes with USB 3.1 Gen1 as a connection and is four times faster than the usual external disks – according to Team Group – the data access, read, use and operation will be faster and more efficient with USB 3.1, generally this disk is one of the best The SSD combines both hardness and strength with excellent performance and attractive shape.

Here we end up talking about the two new Team Group discs, although they are quite different in terms of usage, but they remain excellent options because of their high performance and attractive design. The advantages of the CARDEA II internal disk are also attractive in terms of heat elimination, All the levels of the PD400, the most important features are water resistance, shock and pressure.

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