List of iPhone and iPad devices eligible for IOS 13 and iPadOS

This year, Apple has announced that it has announced new releases announced at its annual WWDC 2019 Developers Conference, including: iOS 13 for iPhone, (IPadOS), a unique experience for iPad devices. The separation between iOS 13 and iPadOS is the most important thing announced by Apple this year, but it is not a surprise, considering […]

Is it a good idea to buy the new iPod Touch?

Apple has announced the new seventh generation of touch-screen devices after the disappearance of any device update since 2015 when the company introduced the sixth generation of the device, which did not have much compared to the version of 2012. This generation of iPod was the least successful where failed Achieve any noticeable spread compared […]

Viber app will get the benefits of quick responses chat status

When it comes to messaging applications, their owners are struggling to increase their market share, and of course with new features. For its part, the famous Viber application team was busy improving their offerings by adding them to the dark situation and sending messages, So, there are some missing features, such as quick responses and […]