In fact, there was not much publicity for the game. We were surprised by the new Triller but all this is not important. We are reviewing the new game features and what is different about FIFA 20:

At first, let’s say that the game has once again cooperated with the Barcelona team to give the players the whole team experience, which will be led by Leo Messi. The game focused on new methods of play, adding different techniques at the first touch of the ball which can make new dribbling moves while you receive the ball from your colleagues. To develop the Dribbling system to give a more realistic and smooth play, where the player appears more real in his moves than ever before, and the developers added some improvements to the sensitivity of your ball to the ball to end the goal in a professional and distinctive

For defense operations, you can now defend your head, attract the opponent, and in more ways than just blocking or Slididng Tackle, and the number of skills you can evade is increased

For the graphics are good if we talked on the level of stadiums and the like, as for the facial Animations did not meet the face of Messi developer with high accuracy.

If you discover a legend you can play with Ronaldinho and many clubs will be announced and will be announced in July. 1v1 Offline, 1v1 Online with co-op

The game has a Standard and Legends version that will contain Ronaldinho and this version will only be available as Digital

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