Huawei’s interest in flagship phone P30 Pro is very large in terms of updates. It is not the first time Huawei has supported that phone with an update that adds strong features. For the first time, it was updated with Snape Chat, which was able to be applied from the top of the camera to the camera without any hindrances to get high quality photography for the diaries. As it is known that all applications of social networking for Android phones get broadcast from the camera poor quality, which is superior to the iPhone. The second time was with the Dual View update, which allows you to shoot with two different cameras in the same video, one with a large zoom and the other with a camera with a wide lens.

The new EMUI adds DC Dimming, improved in-display fingerprint sensor and the ability to add another Face unlock face, fix some bug fixes, Enhanced AR Measure and add some improvements to the camera.

The most significant of these is the addition of DC Dimming, which controls the brightness of the OLED display by changing the voltage to the screen, making it work with the desired brightness. This technique is especially important when using the phone at night to protect the eye.

Camera updates do not know exactly what it is but in my opinion the P30 Pro camera is one of the strongest phone cameras if not the strongest at all as it is a triple camera with the sensor ToF is a camera is already powerful but certainly not free of errors or problems that may be this update is directed to solve .

There is also an update to Bluetooth to get a faster response speed in the transfer of audio files and we do not know whether these updates to use a new codec or just updated through the optimization.

The P30 Pro is one of the most popular phones to receive updates, which makes me pay tribute to this phone whenever it is mentioned is the product of Huawei’s development phase over the years.

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