oppo all at the beginning of this month to publish a small clip of one of its expected phones while running the integrated front camera at the bottom of the screen

Today, nearly three weeks after the release of the video, the Chinese company officially announces the announcement of the first phones to be built with a built-in front camera at the bottom of the screen during the events of MWC Shanghai 2019, a special version of the World Congress, but China. According to the photo published by oppo on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, the official announcement will be on June 26.

The front camera and its location have become a major crisis for smart phone developers over the past two years, especially with the trend of companies to minimize screen swings as much as possible. Some companies to overcome this problem followed the policy of Apple on the reliance on the notch and then emerged many other solutions such as the front camera pop-out of the phone, the camera in the form of a hole in the screen or even the front camera in the form of notch outside the screen while companies relied on a back camera The rotation turned to a front camera and another provided a second screen on the back of the phone to take pictures of the selfie.

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