This year, Apple has announced that it has announced new releases announced at its annual WWDC 2019 Developers Conference, including: iOS 13 for iPhone, (IPadOS), a unique experience for iPad devices.

The separation between iOS 13 and iPadOS is the most important thing announced by Apple this year, but it is not a surprise, considering that there are a lot of tasks you can do using iPads, and you can not do it using iPhone phones; .

Apple has announced that the iPadOS version is based on the basics of the iOS itself, as well as powerful new capabilities, easy features for the iPad and its versatility.

IOS 13 support for iPhone has a number of new features, including system-wide Dark Mode, a feature long awaited by users of the system, a new toolkit for browsing and modifying images based on automated learning, A new and more private way to sign in apps, websites, and much more. This version is one of the largest versions of iOS so far.

Apple has expanded its list of devices compatible with previous operating system versions through iOS 12, which was running on older devices such as the iPhone 5s launched in 2013 and the original iPad air, allowing as many devices as possible Apple to get all the new features, security enhancements.

This year, however, the company is aiming to significantly reduce the number of older models supported by iPhone and iPad devices and end support for generations, with the latest iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Here’s a list of iPhone and iPad devices eligible for iOS 13 and iPadOS:

First, after the introduction of a new system for tablet PCs, iOS 13 will be available only for iPhone and iPod touch phones.

IPhone XS Max.
IPhone XS Phone.
IPhone XR.
IPhone X
IPhone 8 Plus.
IPhone 8.
IPhone 7 Plus.
IPhone 7.
IPhone 6s Plus.
IPhone 6s iPhone.
IPhone SE Phone.

The seventh generation of iPod Touch.
According to this list, iOS 13 will not be available for the following phones as previously reported:

IPhone 6 Plus.
IPhone 6 iPhone.
IPhone 5s iPhone.
The sixth generation of iPod Touch.
Secondly, for iPadOS, it will provide iPad users with many new features, notably: new ways to quickly use applications, multiple screen switching, and new main screen layout; to view more applications, and more ways to use the Apple pen Apple Pencil, new gestures for text editing, keyboard access, custom lines, and more physical keyboard shortcuts, as well as taking advantage of new updates in the iOS 13 system.

IPads are eligible for the iPadOS system.

(IPad Pro) size of 12.9 inches.
(IPad Pro) size 11 inches.
(IPad 10.5 “).
(IPad 2) iPad Air 2.
IPad (fifth generation, sixth).
(IPad 2018) iPad 2018 size 9.7 inches.
The iPad mini is 7.9 inches in size.
The fifth generation of iPad mini.
(IPad Mini 4) iPad mini 4.
The third generation of the iPad Air.

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