Apple has announced the new seventh generation of touch-screen devices after the disappearance of any device update since 2015 when the company introduced the sixth generation of the device, which did not have much compared to the version of 2012. This generation of iPod was the least successful where failed Achieve any noticeable spread compared to previous generations. Does the seventh generation of the iPod Touch have a lifeline? Is it a good idea to acquire the new device?

The seventh generation of iPod Touch
What Apple offers in the new iPod Touch compared to the 2015 or even the 2012 version updates the processor to be the Apple A10 processor on the iPhone 7 and some improvements to the camera. Without that, there is no real change in either the screen, the design or even the system interface that is still similar to what Apple offered until iOS 11 before putting up the iPhone X.

IPod Touch was the best!
Back to the iPod Touch 5th generation announced in 2012, Apple was interested in providing top-notch settings for the same devices. The same processor, screen size and design offered on its new iPhone 5 made it a choice for users who want a powerful iOS device but not To make calls.

Why may I buy an iPod Touch?

IPod Touch is no longer a music and music player, as it was in the past. Now, with the latest version, a powerful processor can be used to play all the games currently available, watch movies and videos, play music, browse the Web and any tasks you may need on company phones Or tablet devices but in a small size device and light weight in addition to the presence of a 3.5 mm speaker port.

Surely the experience will not be the best. Unlike the old, large-edged design, a 4-inch screen that is not suitable for many of what we mentioned or maybe we’re used to the big screens gives that impression. This sacrifice in the screen and design may be especially reasonable when looking at the price starting from 200 only for a 16 GB version with support for the latest versions of the new iOS

Is it a good idea to buy the new iPod Touch?

Well, after we mentioned what the new device offers and why someone might think of it, let’s look at it from another angle, comparing it to other phones from Apple and phones in the same price category. If we look at what Apple offers in its phones, the closest we can get to it is the iPhone 7 because they both work with the same processor but there are many differences between the two devices.

First, the price of iPhone 7 as the cheapest phone offered by Apple through its stores and official site starting from $ 499 is two and a half price of the new iPod Touch, but in contrast the phone offers a larger screen, support for networking, Touch ID and storage space. The only point of the iPod Touch on iPhone 7 is to support its camera for artificial intelligence and enhanced wake-up applications, which offset the performance of the camera, which stands far away from the company’s most recent phones. The 3.5mm speaker port is also a superior point of excellence.

Second, compared to other phones available at this price, the iPod Touch is sweeping by a large margin because of its iOS, which will perform significantly higher than any other phone even if not provided some other features such as the screen and the possibility of communication.

Apple was wrong to introduce the new generation of iPod in this situation, especially the screen of this small size at this time, with the screen of the largest device would be an excellent choice for children who do not need to connect to the network, especially with the support of Apple Arcade and Apple TV + A premium experience with a premium iOS device price and what many tablet iPads are currently offering, with a slight difference in price.

Apart from children, I do not see any reason to buy the new iPod is a device from the past with a camera that supports the enhanced reality and the only reason to buy is the desire to get an iOS device at the lowest possible price.

This was an opinion. What do you think of the new iPod Touch? Is it a suitable device for acquisition in 2019?
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