Apple announced that the new system of iOS, which will be named the system of iOS 13 will contain the features of integrated video editing without the need to obtain third-party applications.

A few years ago, Apple introduced a set of changes that made a lot of improvements to the image editing tools, which was an additional quantum leap with just the idea of cutting and rotating images, with no possibility of adding any modifications to the images without the use of third party applications , And today, with the company’s new announcement, it looks like it will reach videos.

IOS 13 will allow users to modify videos

Users will be able to cut and mute videos, cut the video itself, add filters and effects, and can make some adjustments that may be minor but in themselves a big shift in color and lighting.

However, these additions may be simple for some and compared to many other applications, but they are still quite adequate for many users who may not need more of these features and permissions to modify the video.

This way, users will not need to download and install third-party applications that will not offer as many additional features as the new iOS 13 application itself, which will naturally reduce the number of applications installed on the system.

IOS 13 will be released in the coming months and is expected to contain new video editing features, and we hope to see more features in the new application as well as an easy-to-use experience.

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