It is the beginning of recognition of the danger coming from the giant AMD, after years of arrogance and the lack of recognition of the ability of Ryzen processors in various categories, especially in the world of games, both desktop and mobile, here is the blue giant offers a step as long as it has not been provided before so quickly .. The current ninth generation Coffee Lake released recently. Was this step necessary? Is this evidence of the beginning of the collapse?

Intel is a giant company with a very large capital, but this step and the reason for doing it is due to the recognition of the risk of these processors on the new Intel processors of the ninth generation, making them put this option in their plans and forced to it and not To give players a chance to get central processors at lower prices, as we all know is not in the calculations of Intel. If this happens and the prices of the 9-generation processors are actually reduced, this will confirm that the third-generation Ryzen 3000 processors have clearly affected the Intel generation, while opening a clear battle between the two parties is a price battle in which any one of them . With this reduction, 15% said that some Intel processors may become a preferred option for AMD processors, with AMD reducing the prices of the Ryzen 3000 processors.

The risk of the AMD Ryzen 3000 processors is due to the fact that it came with superior capabilities on the Intel IX generation in terms of games and software along with the ability to improve the frequency clearly with the ability to break the speed better based on the chipsets published by AMD recently, and has achieved a clear improvement in the performance of the kernel One compared to the core of Intel and do not forget to increase the number of nuclei to reach the strongest processors with 16 kernel, which occurs for the first time in the category of processors Mainstream. And do not forget that they achieved a wonderful price equation and excellent compared to Intel prices. The features also continue with the X570 platform, which has lifted the competition by making it the first chip to support the new PCIe 4.0, which has raised storage storage levels forward.

This information came from the famous site DigiTimes, which indicated Intel’s intention in its next plans to reduce the prices of the ninth generation by 15% due to the existing competition status of AMD. Other sources in the motherboard market also told the site that the reduction will not only touch the ninth generation but will also take the eighth generation to be a smart move by Intel in the face of the new generation of AMD, which will become available on the market on July 7. A 10% or 15% expected rate may mean that prices may drop as much as $ 25 and may reach up to $ 75.

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