After announcing this tool at the Compitex event, Intel today launched its new Performance Maximizer to help overclock the speed automatically for ninth generation. The processors that will be capable of being overclock are only K-characters.

The Intel Performance Maximizer tool will overclock the automatic speed of the open processor K without requiring user intervention. Intel describes the tool as making it faster than ever to dynamically adjust the Intel Open Processor according to its capability. As you know, the speed-overclock results will vary from processor to processor because there are better processors in the speed-overclock process than any other version This is due to the manufacturing process that occurs to the chip. But overall you will have the ability to upgrade your central processor from the ninth generation to the maximum point.

The good that those who accept this step will receive additional protection and compensation. Intel PTPP has launched a protection system that gives you an alternative free piece if your processor chip is compromised during the overclock . This guarantee costs users a one-time fee of about $ 35, but now it’s $ 19.99 for the three-year warranty period for Intel processors.

How does the tool work?

The Intel Performance Maximizer is still in its first release so it is currently targeting only the nine K-9 processor, which will include the Core i5-9600K, Core i7-9700K, Core i9-9900K, Does not include a built-in graphics processor. The tool scans the chip accurately as if it were the DNA scan of the processor chip so that it automatically adjusts the chip. It mainly analyzes the processor core to find the maximum speed at which it can operate without falling into a state of instability.

The Intel administrator explained how Performance Maximizer works in detail, saying: First, the software will be installed. The tool itself will take some time, after running it will reboot the computer to the default Linux system. The Maximizer tool will require several hours to operate. During these hours it will slowly adjust the speed of the frequency and the voltage. The instrument will gradually insert the frequency of the frequency up until it reaches the fixed maximum limit which reaches its maximum. Windows system is new to the processor works with these new frequencies. Performance Maximizer will simply adjust the frequency and voltage speeds, and will not modify the memory timing or adjust the graphic processor settings so do not worry about it, officials said.

You can now get this tool to use with your 9th Generation K-processor here, with the assurance that you will be responsible for any problem with your processor if you do not receive the warranty provided by Intel.

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