This update includes many new enhancements and additions. First of all, with Azhara, the queen of currents, is emerging as the new challenge in a battle for Azeroth and will be full of features, including the addition of the Hearts of Azeroth, the new Navigator and Micagons, The legacy of Taurine and the Dwarfs, the hardware of the “Benthic”, and a battle that will take the players to the depths of the eternal Palace of Azhara, and much more, and shows in the trailer the challenge of the Queen of currents for players will be ready for her Dear readers?

And of course, as we used to Blizzard, the update will be completely free

World Of Warcraft continues to be the top of online games in the world and its constant updates and attention to players is one of the most important factors of its success since its release. Each time the game releases new content to re-attract players again

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