In the technology world now, we have managed to survive what I would like to call the post-disaster period. The recent storms against Huawei, the Chinese company, have been trying to remove them from the scene entirely with clear and explicit US interventions against the company, aided by US companies. After the calm of the storm, we passed the period of counting the losses and try to limit them and then we are now in the stage of restoration to recover what we lost from the storm.

China’s Huawei is now trying to launch its own operating system, the company’s biggest loss after losing the Android operating system and Windows, or at least losing its first advantages. Since then, Huawei has been making announcements that its operating system has been around for six years, This is what made us so excited about the historic return of the Chinese company.

The system, as we mentioned before, will be called HongMeng in China and on the global market, it may be named Ark OS, which we find more suitable. We may see it very soon in October. This is what many Chinese sources have said. It will not only launch the operating system without hardware, Some devices will work it out!

In October of this year, this year’s quarter is expected to be the release of the Mate 30 phones, which will be the first of the Kirin 985 chips developed by the company and are expected to offer many surprises as we return the Huawei Mate series.

But the news that the phones will be Mate 30 will be running Android as it is and take into account that the launch will be for the middle and lower class phones at the start of the launch of the new operating system.

As other sources note that the new operating system has been tested by many enterprises and companies such as tencent Chinese game owner currently PUBG and other OPPO and Vivo Chinese phone manufacturers Huawei friends in the crisis and potential victims in the coming period if the US administration continued to boycott Chinese enterprises.

Representatives from the companies by the sources have tried the new system and its presence 60% faster than Android, the rate that I personally questioned and find it just a media bang to add some excitement and excitement about the advent of the new system.

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