A lot of false rumors spread about Huawei’s phones and their future soon after the US administration announced its decision to place Huawei on the blacklist of trade and its followers by the decision of Google and other companies to sever relations with the Chinese company. It has come to the claim that the applications of Facebook and WhatsApp will stop working, but that the system android itself will stop working to turn phones into pieces of metal useless.

To respond to these rumors, Google and Huawei recently sought from the first moment of Google’s announcement to sever their relations with Huawei to clarify the consequences of the recent decisions. But because it is easy to manipulate user concerns and spread rumors, Huawei decided to launch a customized page on its site that answers all questions, Most requested from my users, will my phone get an Android Q update?

Huawei responded to this question by announcing a list of 17 smartphones that will definitely get the next Android update as the system is already set up and tested.

List of phones announced by Huawei:
P30 Pro
Phone P30
P30 Lite
Mate 20
Mate 20 Pro
Mate 20 X
Mate 20 X 5G
Mate 20 Lite
Mate 20 Pro Porsche Design RS
P20 Pro
Phone P20
Mate 10 Pro
Phone Mate 10
Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design
P Smart 2019
P Smart + 2019
P Smart Z

This is definitely not the final list that will get the next Android Q update, which may be amended by the official announcement of the system and the remaining time limit set by the US administration, which expires on August 20.

Aside from what Huawei has officially announced, some leaks indicate that the Huner phones (which the site has not mentioned) may get some updates on the upcoming Android Q, including the HONOR 20 and some other phones, but we are waiting for any official statement from the Chinese company.

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