Last year saw a major development in Huawei’s Honer Company in many markets worldwide, where it has proven itself as one of the strongest competitors in the Middle East and Economic category. Its efforts to announce HONOR View 20 announced this year strongly in the top-class phones.

But things do not always go as planned. At a time when the Huawei-owned company was planning to boost its presence in top-class phones, the latest US administration decision put Huawei on the blacklist. This decision was a few days before the announcement of the company’s new phone HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro but the company did not mobilize for what happened and announced the two phones without addressing any of the new kaleidoscope at the time.

Now, nearly a month after announcing the phones, Honer has decided to officially offer them in several overseas markets starting next week. The phones will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Holland, Italy, Spain, Malaysia and India starting June 21 at 499 euros, 399 pounds or 27,900 Indian rupees with the FlyPods or HONOR Magic As a free gift.

Certainly the question that is at the top of everyone who is thinking of buying the phone is the system that will work and the impact of the recent US decisions. My phone Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro will not be affected by the decision of the US administration because Honer has obtained a license to use the Google version of Android and the same applications before the decision of the US administration, which makes it like any other phone launched during the past months or the previous but will remain the basic crisis that will face users are Upcoming security updates and system updates beyond the Android Q that the phone may receive as Huawei seeks to provide updates on the largest number of devices before the three-month deadline.

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