FSP, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power supply solutions, announced two new versions of DAGGER PRO SFX power supplies. DAGGER PRO 550W and DAGGER PRO 650W. The DAGGER PRO series is an updated and improved series of design and capabilities. This series of power supplies is based on the standard SFX12V V3.3 design and can be expanded into any ATX-sized computer case. The series also has a full modular design, which means that the provider does not come with cables connected to it, but leaves you free to connect cables that are important to you.

The single-power + 12V line design allows you to connect all the power you need today. Do not forget that these servers have the unique FSP MIA IC and the DC-DC design to ensure a secure, stable and perfect power for your hardware. The 80Plus Gold has been certified for its high efficiency. Both versions offer high efficiency and low noise thanks to fan design that stops rotating at low heat and returns to rotation when needed. The fan comes in size 92mm by the way.

Regardless of your next system, whether ATX, mini-ITX, ITX or MicroATX, both DAGGER PRO 550W / 650W power supplies will be suitable for their detachable cable configuration. All you have to do is plug in the cables you want to use only, which reduces the problem of cable regulation to make your computer look decent. By the way, the DAGGER PRO 650W comes with a 8pin cable dedicated to the CPU to provide additional power for the latest motherboards on the Z390.

Despite their small design, they both offer strong and stable energy. Both providers also told you that they have a single 12V + power line that gives you maximum stable power for all your computer components from motherboard, central processor, graphics card … etc. This series of power supplies also features 100% high quality Japanese capacitors to provide perfect stability with the best output power.

These power supplies are available in the market. For more information, you can access this link

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