E3 is one of the most important events related to the field of e-entertainment, where the participation of the most developed companies and the publisher of the games to display the latest headlines, as well as new technologies and services.
Recently, the E3 event ended and left us a large number of titles announced by various companies, including EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda and other companies.

Dear reader, the five most exciting games we have chosen and these games were selected either on the basis of quality or technology was presented or a new idea based on a change of the style of a particular series. The ranking of the list does not reflect a particular importance or priority as all of these games are expected for us as well.

1.Cyberpunk 2077

The game was first announced in 2013 through a video clip that was able to reach 12 million views within one week, and later the game was confirmed in 2018 through the E3 event.

Since then, the game has received a lot of attention. The CD Projekt Red team, the developer of the great series The Witcher, and the game from the CD Projekt release, also guarantee a degree of freedom for the developed team to demonstrate its own creativity without the material and propaganda controls imposed by companies Publisher sometimes.

When the game was first introduced, it was breathtaking because of the quality of the excellent graphics and the very deep details in it, and then the game came back later to provoke controversy with the developer’s statement that the game would be significantly different from what was shown in the first show.

2.FIFA 2020

The selection of FIFA 2020 may be confusing and illogical to some, although the popularity of the game is not very new. If we follow the FIFA series we find that the series is divided into time periods. For example, FIFA 2007 is very similar to 2008 and 2009 and FIFA 2017 is similar to 2018 And 2019 Oh God, some changes in style, which is not considered a radical change.

The announcement of the FIFA 2020 game was particularly exciting, especially after the announcement of the Volta stage, the stage of play that brings the streetball experience to the world of FIFA.

It is clear that the developers have worked very much on this stage, whether through the method of play, which has become more prone to freedom and with the absence of many laws, for example you can use the wall to hit the pain and dribbling or even jumping through the wall, or through the patterns provided by this phase where It offers a variety of styles such as Volta Story, Volta League and Volta World style, where you can create and compete with your team. When you win a player you can choose a player from his team to recruit him.

Volta developed many of the features and culture of the street ball whether the players’ clothes or playgrounds and stadiums will witness the first time participation of both males and females in the same team to play side by side.

3.Roller Champions

The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game offers a new and different way of playing, based on team play over the Internet. Two teams compete in each three-player team.

The game offers different circuits in a circular way and the team to record the point of circling around this ring once, and when turning around the ring twice before the ball, the team gets three points, and win the game in general if you turn around the ring three times before payment.

Of course, in order for the team to turn around the circuit, they have to cooperate by passing too much because the other team will, of course, try to get the ball and block the player. Finally, the team that combines five points first is the winning team.

As you win the games, the number of fans inside the ring increases and when the arena is full of fans of your team you move to a larger arena in size and of course the game contains the usual content in the games of the stage of collective play, such as upgrading gear and buy new skateboards and movements and so on.

The game is completely free and here comes the enthusiasm and enthusiasm not only because the game is free but because of the expected purpose of the game where Ubisoft is expected to try to include the game into electronic sports games, especially as the game is much like the Rocket League.

4.Baldur’s Gate

The game was announced within the PC Gaming E3 Show and the fact that the most excited to this game two reasons is the period of time in which the events of the game is the Middle Ages and this period of time was not much focus on the event E3 Most games are interested in the period of the near future.

The second reason is the world of the game, where the Baldur’s Gate contains one of the best gaming worlds full of detail and ramifications in terms of areas and cities in it.

The new part of the game is complementary to the series and comes under the title Baldur’s Gate 3 is not a sub-version of the game where the demonstration shows the return of the malicious entity Malevolent, which corrupts everything that exists in the world ED Greenwoods Forgotten Realms.

Another reason why we are excited about Baldur’s Gate 3 is that the game is being developed by Larian Studios, the team that developed Divinity original Sin, which in my opinion is the best game of playing roles in the past years.

5.Watchdogs Legion

Watchdogs are one of the most controversial games in the game industry. Everyone remembers how dazzling the first part of the show is, and everyone remembers the disappointment with the game, especially after dramatically reducing the game graphics.

At some point, the series was expected to compete with Grand Theft Auto, where the game offers a wide open world with many major and side missions, but of course the game could not compete with Grand Theft Auto in any way.

But the game was able to uniqueness in the style of play based on the penetration significantly, which made the game be a mass base slowly, especially with the second part, which was acceptable.

Now we are in front of the third part of the game entitled Watchdogs Legion and the game presented many pros in the presentation, where the game contains a good look and play style is the most important where the developers said that the player will be his team of any characters within the game.

You can recruit anyone you meet to play with the rest of the story and amazing that these characters vary their own voice or background stories and the style of fighting varies according to the personality in terms of age or weight and size.

The truth is that if this idea was conveyed as it was explained in the propaganda presentation, we will be in front of a technical leap in the gaming world. Personally, I want to know how this feature works. Will it be distinctive as stated in the offer or will it be reduced?

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