Everyone is surprised by these creatures as they fly over them while playing, but they do not hurt them. It is worth mentioning that these dragons have a big role to steal the Loot Boxes that you get when you kill one of your opponents. You have to catch them and shoot them until you drop Carry it in its package ..

Of course, adding these adds new strategic plans to the game. You will think a thousand times before you fight with the Dragon for fear of revealing your place. All of these developments come after the E3 2019 special EA Play conference, which gave us a small Teaser for the presence of these creatures before during the discussion The second season of Apex Legends, which seems to be in effect, reminds you of the arrival of the second season of the game, which will add a new heroine Wattson, next to a new weapon, L-Star, developed Ranked and many more you can identify here

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