Cooler Master has announced the launch of its new MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage as part of the Cooler Master Pro expansion plan to increase the user experience in both central processor thermal performance and the introduction of a unique RGB lighting system.

Cooler Master is proud to have designed and manufactured by its professional team. It comes with a new design that is different from other designs. It is distinguished by a transparent pump cover to show cooling fluid movement in the internal engine of the block. (LED) around the inside edge of the pump to be able to control the ML240P Mirage water flow. All lighting points on the ML240P Mirage diffuser can be controlled by Cooler Master’s Lighting Control software, which now includes the new Mirage style designed specifically for this integrated water dispenser.

Cooler also supplied two cooling fans designed exclusively for the 120 mm MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage with improved design fan blades. By adding the outer ring connected to the end of each blade, the Kohler Master has reduced noise and enhanced cooling performance during the airflow process towards the ML240P Mirage to offer better cooling capabilities. Each of the included fans comes equipped with eight ARGB LED lighting points.

Cooler Master also included both the Intel and AMD socket with the Mirage ML240P to accommodate all new CPUs. In addition, the segment is supplied with the TR-4 Sukit bracket in the accessories case without you having to purchase the piece . What’s included in the Mirage ML240P is also a wired ARGB controller that offers new lighting patterns and facilitates lighting control. In addition to compatibility with the Koller Master software, the ML240P Mirage is also compatible with most major manufacturers of RGB motherboards such as ASUS, MSI, ASRock and its own software.

available in the for 150 euros

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