IOS 13 has the built-in feature for modifying video clips

Apple announced that the new system of iOS, which will be named the system of iOS 13 will contain the features of integrated video editing without the need to obtain third-party applications. A few years ago, Apple introduced a set of changes that made a lot of improvements to the image editing tools, which was […]

Cross Play will not be available in Destiny 2 PC and Stadia

Google has announced that Destiny 2 will not support the common game between its platform and the PC, but that players can play with each other if they only have the game on Stadia. We do not know the dimensions of this decision yet, but it is definitely a good decision, Google Stadia has announced […]

You can Finish Cyberpunk 2077 Without Killing Anyone

Some new information about the Cyberpunk 2077 has appeared through the closed demo that was not visible during E3 2019. At first, Keanu Reeves’s role was clarified, and we learned that he would have the largest part of the dialogues in the game without anyone else. Besides, his character would not be embodied in the […]

xiaomi announces the phones that will get the Android Q update

Companies are accelerating in the current period to provide new Android updates in the shortest possible time The idea that Google launches update and available after months on the phones of the rest of the companies have become the past. This has happened extensively with the Android Pie update but will increase with the Android […]

Apple launches iCloud application for Windows

In a collaboration between Apple and Microsoft, the first launch of the new iCloud application for Windows, designed and developed specifically for Windows PCs, will allow users of iPhone or Apple devices to generally review and manage their iCloud content completely Windows PC, which is something new and will certainly be useful. Also, with the […]

Samsung will not launch Galaxy Fold next month

Samsung has delayed the launch of its folding phone Galaxy Fold because of a problem in its design led to breaking the screen so far the company has not set a new date to re-launch the phone. Earlier reports said that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold next month and hold a conference this month […]

Lenovo’s new THINKPAD P series with 4K OLED monitors 2019

At the NXT BLD in London, Lenovo unveiled its new Lenovo ThinkPad P series, which was accompanied by the launch of five new ThinkPad P73, ThinkPad P53, ThinkPad P1 Gen 2, Think Pad P53s and ThinkPad P43s. With Lenovo ThinkPad, it is designed to give users the full power of a flexible, easy-to-carry body as […]

Huawei thinking of using the operating system Aurora OS [rumors]

When it comes to alternatives, the availability of more than one alternative is always better than one, and Huawei will apply this as it has not only put its operating system Ark OS into the test but added another operating system called Aurora OS. In practice, Aurora OS is derived from the Linux-based Sailfish OS, […]

Chrome 76 will allow free reading of paid articles

Google has started testing Chrome browser version 76, which brings many new features, including one that will not appeal to newspapers and paid news sites, allowing users to bypass the possibility of paying only by entering the hidden browsing mode. Now if you go into hidden browsing mode on a site that offers paid content […]

Huawei postpones launch of Mate X folding until September

Smart phones are still not ready to launch on the market, and after Samsung decided to postpone the launch of the phone, also did Huawei with Mate X, especially that the high price (2600 dollars) and being the first phone folding company. Huawei announced the release of Mate X last February and was expected to […]

Game Builder A new video game from Google let you create 3D games

Today, Google has launched Game Builder for fun and simple video game fans. It is a video game that allows you to build a simple game environment in accordance with the wishes of the player. In the MineCraft style, players can listen to their own game building, share it with friends and enjoy the game. […]

Huawei phones start displaying ads on the lock screen suddenly

Huawei users yesterday began to see some of the ads on the lock screen. These ads were a surprise to many of them because they did not happen in the past. The background images showed different areas with site names, mostly travel and travel. Ads appear to be a new way of monetizing Huawei, but […]

Files by Google app gets dark mode

Because the next Android Q release allows for dark mode at the system level, by default, the Files by Google application has finally joined the other suite of applications that in turn adopts the dark theme. If you are not familiar with the dark side, The individual pixels are closed when the black color is […]

Samsung Announces The Wall Luxury TV With 292 Inch And 8k

Samsung has unveiled its new TV screen, The Wall Luxury, from its high-end series The Wall, but this time it has a huge size and very high accuracy. It will come with a measurement of up to 292 inches and a resolution of up to 8K ultra-definition but with the option to get a screen […]

Viber app will get the benefits of quick responses chat status

When it comes to messaging applications, their owners are struggling to increase their market share, and of course with new features. For its part, the famous Viber application team was busy improving their offerings by adding them to the dark situation and sending messages, So, there are some missing features, such as quick responses and […]

Huawei to launch its own operating system in October

In the technology world now, we have managed to survive what I would like to call the post-disaster period. The recent storms against Huawei, the Chinese company, have been trying to remove them from the scene entirely with clear and explicit US interventions against the company, aided by US companies. After the calm of the […]