WATCHOS 6 will provide the ability to remove pre-installed applications

Apple Smart Watches will have the ability to remove pre-installed applications with the updated WatchOS 6 in September. Pre-installed applications are the worst for smart device users on both Android and iOS. Since the launch of Apple’s smart watches known as Apple Watch, the clock is already available with many pre-installed applications such as App […]

The official and final specifications of the PCI-Express 5.0

We saw the first PCI Express 1.0 in 2003 and in 2007 the transition to PCI Express 2.0 was then the transition to PCI Express 3.0 in 2010, although it was supposed to be launched in 2008-2009 and finally the update was towards the interface PCI Express 3.1 in 2013. This year PCI SIG launched […]

details of Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2019/2020.

Electronic sports in the progress and development of the continuous and there are a number of games that are managed patrols and world championships are not less in the organization and mass mobilization in something about ordinary sports and for the Arab players community is the other in a steady and progress is very good […]

Facebook announces Digital Currency LIBRA and CALIBRA Application

Facebook has finally unveiled the new digital currency Libra and the new Calibra electronic wallet after a long period of rumors. Facebook announced today a new digital currency called Libra, a currency that will allow billions of users to transfer funds worldwide, and since it will launch Facebook, which is estimated to be worth $ […]

Adobe Fresco on the Adobe Illustrator application on iPad

Adobe has fully announced the name of its application for Project Gemini, unveiled last year To introduce a custom fee application on iPads at the time, especially with the emergence of the completely different iPad, the company has named its new application Adobe Fresco. The name of the new application from Adobe is followed by […]

NVIDIA is working on ARM-based processing for supercomputers

NVIDIA, a leader in the manufacture of chips and processors for various devices, especially in the field of graphics. It is working on the support of a new processing chip based on the design of ARM counterpart to provide high power and efficiency in energy conservation supercomputers known as “supercomputer”. NVIDIA will provide full support […]

Apple will launch two versions of the iPhone 11 5G and LTE

Many US companies have announced their readiness to operate across the fifth generation networks and have already launched their services in many states. At a time when the Galaxy S10 5G is expected to reach consumers’ hands in the country next week. A new report indicates Apple’s intention to launch three versions of iPhone at […]

classic game Destroy all humans comes back to us with Remake

Destroy all Humans is one of the most famous classic games on the PlayStation 2 platform. The game was first released in 2005 by Pandemic Studios and THQ Nordic. Destroy All Humans is based in the United States of America in 1959, while the hip-hop culture in general, which greatly influenced the political situation at […]

Intel and Qualcomm want the US government to reconsider the ban on Huawei

As expected, the ban on Huawei and prevent US companies from communicating with them harms interests The business of major American companies led by Google, which officially asked the government a few days ago not to prevent Huawei from using the Android system for the benefit of US national security. Back to the news page, […]

Marvel Hero Tales:A guided educational application for children

Kuato Studios announced the launch of their new application, Marvel Hero Tales, which can be defined as an educational storytelling application designed to promote reading and writing for children (7 to 11 years old). The application is centered around the famous Marvel characters, By choosing a set of words, with his support creating their own […]

2-Step Verification is now available for the PS4

Playstation posted a tweet today via its Ask Playstation account announcing the availability of 2nd Step Verification It is simply a service designed to protect your PS account from hacking and keeping your information more secure. This is done by connecting your account to your mobile phone so that no one will be able to […]

Twitter will return to the MacOs Catalyst

In February last year, Twitter announced the withdrawal of its main application from the Mac operating system, and recommended users simply go to the use of the Web, and after more than a year, the company returns its decision and indicates the imminent return of the application on the system mentioned, Unveils “Project Catalyst for […]

Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence Technology to identify the face

An Adobe team and researchers from the University of Berkeley have reached a way to use artificial intelligence techniques to identify facial features in the image and see if these features are modified using computer and software modification or natural. Because of the presence of various techniques and programs to modify the images, including the […]

BenQ will launch a reading mode like Kindle devices & 2 new monitors

BenQ plans to launch two new monitors in August that will come with new features. The new BenQ GL2480, the 24-inch BenQ GL2780 27-inch display featuring two new monitors, will come with the new ePaper Mode, Which will make the monitor appear like the Amazon Kindle and professional eReader devices in general. With the introduction […]

xiaomi decides not to launch Global Beta of the MIUI

xiaomi decided not to launch other global versions of MIUI interface .. The reason .. The actual users of the system! xiaomi has one of the most user-friendly Android interfaces on its handset, the MIUI, the first interface released in 2010. Since then, the company has been providing trial versions of successive versions of its […]