Leaked Huawei Mate 30 Pro images show front display

Unofficial shots of the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro have leaked out on Chinese social media site Weibo, giving us one of our clearest looks yet at what Huawei’s next flagship phone could have in store. The images, reposted at Tme.net, show a large, curved front display and what seems to be some sophisticated front-facing camera technology – […]

Resident Evil 3 fans have made an impressive HD mod

Nemesis never looked so nice. There are plenty of HD mods where you have to zoom in on a screenshot to notice the difference. Well, this is not that kind of mod. Resident Evil 3 Seamless HD Project uses machine learning to upscale the backgrounds, and also includes upscaled menus with high-res character portraits, seamless […]

The value bitcoin up to $ 11.000 after the announcement of Libra

The currency of bitcoin has risen to $ 11.000 per currency and the currency has maintained its value for several hours and has been slow to date, as it now maintains a price of $ 10.700 per currency, according to the Coindesk website. The digital currency trade reached US $ 193.6 billion after this surge […]

FORTNITE SEASON 10 will update you to your graphics card!

A few days away from the FORTNITE Season 10 update, the company decided to exclude some of the older players or force them to update their devices. Fortnite Season 10 will force you to update your graphics card Epic Games, a developer and publisher of Fortnite, has announced the launch of the Fortnightite 10, the […]

Windows Terminal application is now on Microsoft Store

Microsoft was excited at the last Build Developer conference in May that it was rethinking the Windows 10 Command Line tool and wanted to redesign it. Today, two months later, we started seeing the new Windows Terminal Control Utility, an early version Preview has appeared on the Microsoft Store. The new Windows Terminal application offers […]

Intel Might Drop Desktop processors 9-generation by 15%

It is the beginning of recognition of the danger coming from the giant AMD, after years of arrogance and the lack of recognition of the ability of Ryzen processors in various categories, especially in the world of games, both desktop and mobile, here is the blue giant offers a step as long as it has […]

Team Group launches T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 and PD400 SSD

Today, Team Group launched one of the most famous companies in the field of memory and storage technologies for the launch of its latest SSD, the internal opportunities CARDEA II M.2 SSD, which comes under the brand T-FORCE rich definition and also as the name M The beloved. The internal disk T-FORCE CARDEA II M.2 […]

Huawei Announces Nova 5 With New Kirin 810 Chip

Huawei officially announced the new generation of Nova 5 and Nova 5 Pro phones to be the company’s new middle and upper middle class phones. The announcement of the phones also saw the announcement of the company’s new processor for the medium class Kirin 810 to replace the current processor Kirin 710, which was used […]

Huawei announces the list of phones will get Android Q update

A lot of false rumors spread about Huawei’s phones and their future soon after the US administration announced its decision to place Huawei on the blacklist of trade and its followers by the decision of Google and other companies to sever relations with the Chinese company. It has come to the claim that the applications […]

Intel Launches Performance Maximizer to overclock 9th generation CPUs

After announcing this tool at the Compitex event, Intel today launched its new Performance Maximizer to help overclock the speed automatically for ninth generation. The processors that will be capable of being overclock are only K-characters. The Intel Performance Maximizer tool will overclock the automatic speed of the open processor K without requiring user intervention. […]

Cooler Master Introduces New ML240P Mirage

Cooler Master has announced the launch of its new MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage as part of the Cooler Master Pro expansion plan to increase the user experience in both central processor thermal performance and the introduction of a unique RGB lighting system. Cooler Master is proud to have designed and manufactured by its professional team. It […]

CYBERPUNK 2077 is not planning to launch on xbox and PS5

It seems that we have reached that time period that is a break between the next and current generation of home appliances, and development teams do not have time to cover the two generations. The Cyberpunk 2077 developer, for example, made new comments in an interview, explaining that his full focus in developing the game […]

Fortnite – Prop Hunt is here a new update

Fortnite has announced its continued support for new content and ideas with the launch of a new game called “Hunting Hunt” or “Prob Hunt”. According to the official statement, the new phase comes from the StrayKite design, which is actually a hideous stage, “Hideers can turn themselves into almost any decorative element on the map,” […]

oppo first phone with a built-in front camera official date

oppo all at the beginning of this month to publish a small clip of one of its expected phones while running the integrated front camera at the bottom of the screen Today, nearly three weeks after the release of the video, the Chinese company officially announces the announcement of the first phones to be built […]

Beta will be released to Monster Hunter World Iceborne soon

Through the official account of Playstation on Twitter, we learned of the presence of Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta, which is a separate expansion of the main game, which is expected to be released next fall officially In fact, we do not know why beta exists for expansion, but it certainly is a good thing. […]