Through the official account of Playstation on Twitter, we learned of the presence of Monster Hunter World Iceborne beta, which is a separate expansion of the main game, which is expected to be released next fall officially

In fact, we do not know why beta exists for expansion, but it certainly is a good thing.

The beta will be released from 21 to 23 June and it is clear that you will need PS Plus to be able to play and experience the full experience. It is noteworthy that the expansion was recently announced, including the new Clutch Claw, which allows you to climb over the monsters, Better, the expansion will give you a whole new snowy area to be discovered and of course with the presence of a new area, there are also new monsters have been detected the presence of a dragon in the game ..

It seems to us that this expansion will be good for Capcom but we do not think it’s the only game the company will rely on to keep its momentum. It has to announce other upcoming games that will have the RE engine used in Resident Evil games

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