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There is nothing that works for the professional or even the ordinary players at the moment more than having their best gear for a better and better playing experience because good peripheral equipment is always a reason for your superiority in games and gives you everything you need to win and excel in Especially in competitive games, shooting games and eSports. For this reason, we are interested in Arab Hardware in particular during the last period and we try to give players a lot of different options in performance and pricing in order to make it easier for the user to get the best equipment for him.

Membrane Keyboard is designed so that all keys are placed on a rubber plate with three layers of circuitry placed inside a plastic mold. The mechanical keyboard, like the one we will be reviewing today, uses full mechanical keys known as Switch. This is a completely different structure from the Membrane keyboard. These switches come in different types: Brown, Red, Blue, and all kinds of features. However, all types are definitely better than Membarne in writing and give a more smooth and responsive gaming experience.

Also, if we look at the default age, the mechanical panels will be longer than the Membarne plates because of the structure of its manufacture. However, it is a lengthy explanation, but a short description and a quick review. The fundamental difference between the regular and mechanical keyboard is that every key in the mechanical plate It has its own switch independent of the second keys unlike regular keyboards.

The ASUS ROG STRIX SCOPE keyboard is designed for players who want to enhance their power in the battlefields of the games, especially within the FPS. Here we see the very wide Ctrl key design to ensure accuracy while playing. For FPS players, apply their findings to create a wider 2X key than traditional Ctrl buttons. The result is the so-called Xccurate Design, the panel comes with an aluminum cover for durability with daily use with a touch of elegance and a glowing ROG logo on the right of the painting, the design of the painting I liked on the personal level in general.

If you think that the panel does not come with multimedia buttons, it is already in the middle of the painting, replacing F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, and F10 And F11 to be the basic and the F buttons from 5 to 11 are the ones you will use with the FN button, the same command is repeated with the F12 button which I have not found in any other panel you have tried is the Stealth Button or Stealth mode where this button allows you to just press it in any A moment to hide all the programs or browser or whatever you see on the screen and back on your desktop directly as it mutes the Ot to ensure privacy, and when you press the button again back everything you’re working on it, or to see what it was.

The players like the mechanical keys, so you have to use the German Cherry MX keys. The new motherboard comes with cherry red MX switches that have a quick response and a good noise. However, the motherboard is also available with all the other keys. You can get it with this motherboard and for those who do not know, these high quality keys are manufactured in Germany and are famous for providing the best response with every keystroke.

The panel comes with brilliant RGB lighting and supports the Aura Sync lighting system with many different effects. Fortunately, it also comes with excellent software support through ARMOURY II, through which you can control the panel. The program provides comprehensive controls and allows you to use the user interface Various effects for lighting and recording of Marco buttons as well as synchronizing all the pieces that support Aura Sync with each other.

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