In a collaboration between Apple and Microsoft, the first launch of the new iCloud application for Windows, designed and developed specifically for Windows PCs, will allow users of iPhone or Apple devices to generally review and manage their iCloud content completely Windows PC, which is something new and will certainly be useful.

Also, with the new iCloud application for Windows, the user will be able to manage both iCloud Drive and its related files, iCloud Photos and images as well as e-mail, communication device, calendar, alerts as well as favorites of Safari browser along with other features .

What’s new with iCloud for Windows 10?

With the new application you will be able to easily save your photos on the iCloud from your computer, and the images taken with your phone will be synchronized with your computer in the same way as applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive, you can also upload or store images Directly from your computer to access them from other devices, and you can use Shared Albums to share photos and videos with your PC through your computer.

The application is not fully focused on the images, prompting you to manage the iCloud Drive itself and its files such as text files or other files. Also through the application you will be able to access and manage your iCloud mail and also manage the Reminders. As you know, Or enter any data that will be synced directly to your iPhone or iPad phone. Already featured in the new application is that you will be able to synchronize your bookmarks on Safari browser on your browser on Windows whether it is Firefox, Chrome or even Internet Explorer.

With the new iCloud application, you will also be able to manage your preferences, find out, control and manage your full space. It will be much easier if you want to free up some space on your iCloud.

According to Microsoft, iCloud Drive will work in the same way – or the same technology – as Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage application. It will include features like OneDrive’s On-Demand feature, which allows you to save and manage files without having to connect to the Internet, Share files fast and easy on iOS, Apple has released a guide to the new iCloud application on Windows 10 which you can read in order to learn in detail how to use the new application, you can see it from the following link, and you must definitely have an iCloud account in order to benefit Of all these Features

You can now download the application by searching for it in the Microsoft Store or by going to the next link on the Apple website. Now it’s your turn to share in the comments whether you are using Apple phones or not, and are you interested in this news?

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