While iCloud was always available on Windows, some problems were faced by Apple’s Windows users to synchronize and benefit more from Apple. Apple and Microsoft today offered a new iClould application at Microsoft’s store through a collaborative collaboration to facilitate user access For their files and to benefit from synchronization and maintain the space of their internal devices.

The partnership between Apple and Microsoft has resulted in a new iCloud application that works in the same way as the Microsoft OneDrive cloud, which means that while you are a Windows user, you can now access your files stored in iCloud through this application via Windows 10 Without having to fully synchronize the computer with the cloud.

What’s strange is that we see a partnership between Apple and Microsoft to take an integrated consensus curve, especially in cloud storage services, which is experiencing fierce competition in the market, but remains optimistic and reflects future companies that will have a good impact in facilitating the lives of digital users across operating systems and devices.

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