Apple’s watch is supported by a large community of developers, designers and accessories companies, making it fully customizable with thousands of accessories available. Below is our selection of some of the accessories and accessories available for Apple Watch watches that make you get more of that smart watch.

Wrist strap and protection bag from Monowear for classic watch lovers

Monowear offers an ideal range of wrist straps designed specifically for Apple Smart Watch. The exclusive leather straps that the company sells are of the perfect quality, design and colors that make your watch smart enough for classic watches due to its quality and tight design and its dependability on luxurious metal rings for fixing the bracelet. The result is that you have a smart watch but it seems perfectly dedicated to you. In smart watches that all look like each other. The prices of leather belts from Monowear range from US $ 45 to US $ 60, which is an excellent experience due to its quality.

If you’re looking for a more sense of privacy, the company offers a Monochest Leather Bag for classic watch enthusiasts where you can keep an Apple watch with three different wrist straps with a place to charge the watch while in the bag. The bag is sold at $ 50 and will only add to you the ability to keep your watch and different wristbands in an elegant and tidy picture.

Anthem protective covers

As usual with Apple products, you get a product that is attractive, sophisticated, and made of great raw material, but the challenge here is to keep Apple’s rugged products and protect them from scratches and fractures without affecting the appealing exterior of these products. Most of the time glass is made of glass.

Anhem covers for hours of great protection in the form of cover or cover around the clock from all sides except the front of the display, but without any impact on the outer shape of the hour, which made the packaging of plastic flexible or carbon fiber (according to model) The quality of the exterior of the watch at an ideal price starts at $ 10.

Nomad Wireless charging

This is one of the best wireless wireless charging rules currently available in the market. Nomad makes it possible to ship a full range of electronic devices, including a mobile phone such as the iPhone or Apple TV, as well as Airpods at the same time and on the same platform. You can use that rule to charge any three different products that support the same wireless charging standard.

The charging base itself is made of premium leather, and the platform carries a high magnetic base specially designed to charge the Apple watch. Nomad BaseStation Wireless Charging base is sold at a high price of US $ 140.

Sport accessories from Catalyst

We all know that the last three generations of Apple waterproof watch. But if you want to go further, Catalyst, which produces luxury sports accessories for smart watches and mobile phones, offers you a special protective cover and a wrist strap that makes your smart watch resistant to up to 100 meters in depth, as well as complete anti-dust insulation and protection , Ice, shocks and hiccups of height exceeding two meters. This product is sold for 70 USD.

Catalyst is already a leader in the sports accessories for Apple’s watch, and may be the first to have developed a full-time protective cover that also covers the hourly ring button with a thick plastic replacement button to protect it without losing the sense of motion of the ring button. The original button is a similar mechanism that makes you feel a motor reaction when you move it or press it. It is interesting to see a defense accessories development company putting so much attention to detail in products that many see as simple.

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