We are always in the loop of everything that is important and useful to you in the world of applications, and we continue to provide you with the best, whether it is news related to new applications or news updates in the applications, generally start with you in this new article, which will be present on a weekly basis, We target a bunch of the best new apps on the Google Play store, which of course deserves the experience, and in order not to linger more we start with the first application:

1.Split Screen Launcher

The Split Screen Launcher application was already available on Google Play Store today, but it has been removed from the store for unknown reasons. This new version takes its place, somewhat like its predecessor, and we can define it as an app that can automatically run your apps in split mode , Even if your device does not support this feature by default, the app is available for free download and without any ads or even internal purchases.

2.Xbox Events

If you are a journalist or someone who visits many Xbox gaming events throughout the year, you may need to install the beta version of Microsoft’s new Xbox Events, which will give you exclusive content for corporate events such as E3 or Gamescom, For the sessions you wish to attend.

3.Edge Lighting fix for All Apps

This application allows you to get actual Edge Lighting notifications from any application while the screen is off, so if you want to take advantage of your Edge lighting regardless of the apps you choose, this is the right version for you, the app is available for free download and includes There are purchases.


If you have an Android device that does not have an LED indicator for notifications and lacks the feature, aodNotify is an app you want to sign in to, so notifications can not always be enabled for you, but you can also select which applications are allowed to notify you, so you will never have to deal with messages. Change the task again.

5.Appy Weather

Appy Weather started as a successful weather application on Windows Phone. Now that the Microsoft operating system is dead, it makes sense that the developer wants to release the application on other platforms. Android is the first to get its own version of Appy Weather, and I’m happy to report it works the same as Windows Phone. There’s one caveat, if you’re planning to use the app for free, you can only update the weather five times. If you want to search for more weather, you’ll have to unlock the full app through an in-app purchase.

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